Wedding Wishes Come True

golfweddingsienaEveryone loves a great story, and when it includes military veterans being gifted with a complimentary wedding, it is certainly a story that requires further investigation.

To begin with, we must go back in time as Christopher Aguilara and Jennifer Flanagan had left the military after exemplary service. Like many veterans before them, they had to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other challenges unique to our military veterans.

They met on and found a great connection because of their recent past and current challenges. During the past year they have helped each other to cope with the difficulties involved with military work and then dealing with their experiences after leaving the military.

The non-profit organization, Wish Upon a Wedding, Las Vegas, has helped make their dreams of a fantastic wedding, become a reality. The Las Vegas chapter president, Adam Frazier, explained how the survivors of a really hard battle would alter their lives forever. This non-profit helps remove the financial burden and stress of planning a wedding and who better to choose for the charities first complimentary wedding of the year, than a couple who have seen enough stress to last them a lifetime.

Christopher was in the U.S. Air Force for 22 years. A rocket propelled grenade hit his aircraft as it was rescuing a British Marine from southern Afghanistan. The helicopter smashed into the ground after spinning out of control. As he was crushed in the burning wreckage, four members of the crew died. The fifth member died just after the successful rescue mission was completed. Carrying survivor’s guilt is not something many people outside of the military understand. He suffered moderate brain injury, broken bones and severe burns. Through 20 surgical operations, part of his right leg was amputated, having already lost his lower left leg.

Just before Jennifer’s membership of the dating website expired, they met online and a few days later formed an instant connection over a coffee. She had served with the U.S. Navy and suffers with non-combat PTSD.

Importantly, having a similar past and understanding similar issues, they know what triggers a difficult episode and can help calm each other down. They understand each other’s traumatic experiences.

The Wish Upon a Wedding non-profit organization completes one wedding a year and hopes to achieve further successes. They can grant a wedding in a short period of six weeks and in the case of these veterans, have arranged the most incredible wedding at the Siena Golf Club; a perfect location for any couple to be married.

Jennifer clarifies the importance of this incredible gift from the non-profit organization. Primarily, they take over all of the organization and the financial burden, and will provide a wedding of incredible magnitude that could not have been delivered within the couple’s current circumstances.

The Siena Golf Club provides an extremely impressive location for any wedding, particularly as this may be the most important day of a person’s life. The attention to detail and the ease of ensuring that everything will be carried out perfectly is essential for any wedding.