Some Tips on Golfing in Vegas Year Round

winter-golf-300x202Between the shows, restaurants, casinos and recreation; people come to Vegas to spend money. That doesn’t mean though that we don’t all love a good deal. Since Vegas golf is a year-round affair there are high and low seasons, if you know where to look you can find discounts any time of the year. Here are our tips for finding good deals on your next trip.

Spring golf in Las Vegas – Look for Vacation Packages

This is honestly the best time of year for visiting Vegas which also can make it the most expensive. While other parts of the country are still getting hit with cold fronts, the desert is heating up. To find the best deals we recommend checking out vacation packages, especially if you are traveling in a group. If you plan ahead and book early, you can save yourself the shock of the at-the-door prices.

Summer golf in Las Vegas – Lowest Prices of the Year

If Spring is warmer in Vegas, you have to know that the Summer is going to be hot hot hot. But this means less competition on the course and the lowest prices of the year. If you get up early then you can beat the heat. Of course drink lots of water, put a cool towel on your neck and stay as much as possible in the shade. If you start to feel the heat just remember that you are playing a world-class golf course for crazy low prices.

Fall golf in Las Vegas – Golf in the Late Afternoon

As temperatures cool, the demand and prices will rise. With pro and college football on the weekends, most golfers will be hitting the links early in the morning during the week to keep their afternoons and evenings free. If you opt for afternoon tee-offs then you can find better rates. Just keep in mind the days are getting shorter so don’t book too late. Another perk of the season are the annual Justin Timberlake Shriners Open at the TPC Summerlin and the PGA tour. Take advantage of the opportunity to see a live pro-event. There are many prime locations where you can get close to the action and your favorite players.

Winter golf in Las Vegas – Cool Weather = Hot Deals

While the rates don’t drop nearly as much as in the summer, you can find some really good deals due to the cooler weather. Just remember to come prepared. Dress in layers because the days start cool and warm up when the sun comes out. Also there can be frost delays so keep your post-game activities flexible. But whats a slight delay in tee time if then you can play sweat-free for a steal. In fact, many Vegas golf courses are in their best shape because the heavy over-seeding has had a few months to establish. It’s beautiful to see the contrast between the dark green rye grass and the brown desert landscape.

The most important thing is to make sure you have fun but sometimes a good deal can make your vacation all the more enjoyable.