Play A Ton More Golf for a Lot Less Money


The dream for the majority of golfing players is to be able to create more time to play more golf, but the cost of playing more rounds is always an issue. The answer is to find ways to play golf at a reduced price and a golf club membership is probably the best way to achieve this masterstroke.

Is golf club membership worth the price?    

You are going to compare the cost of golf club membership against how many rounds you would expect to play during the year and the golfing price of paying for each 18 holes when you play. In reality, there is no comparison. The Masters Club card is probably the most affordable membership you are ever likely to see. With a guarantee that it will pay for itself within 90 days or your money back, what do you have to lose?

Every golfer wants to play more golf which is why the Masters Club card allows you to play more often, without having to reach for more dollars from your wallet.

Why would you consider joining a golf club?

Although you will initially look at 18 holes of golf, it is the full selection of amenities available that will direct your final choice.

To join some private clubs is extremely expensive with initial fees, monthly fees and a commitment to purchase a minimum amount of food. With the Masters Club card you gain all of the benefits and lose all of the downsides.

There won’t be any surprises or hidden charges and you won’t have to commit to a long-term deal which gives you a great amount of flexibility with impressive savings.

The ability to be able to claim free golf for yourself and a deep discount off of each and every round of golf you play is highly attractive.

You will be the first to know about any special offers, discounts or events, with information sent direct to your cell phone and by email. From time to time you may be offered secret deals that are not available to other golfers.

Being able to receive discounts from a pro shop helps you complete, update or replace your clubs, golf wear and other accessories.

You will make new friends out on the golf course and in the clubhouse, get a free round of golf on your birthday and take three friends around the course with a free round for yourself.

To play a ton more golf for a lot less money, you will always save up to $10 off of each round and 15% from your purchases in the pro shop. When your club lets you know about twilight rates and the vast array of secret discounts, you will achieve your ambition – golf at a reduced price.