Let’s talk about the Siena Bistro and why everybody loves it

Going under par is every golfer’s dream, and to follow a great 18 holes with a superb lunch or dinner at Siena Golf Club adds so much to the occasion. Fortunately, everyone provides great reviews about the Siena Bistro at the Siena Golf club, in Las Vegas.

Golf is not just about playing the 18 holes on the course. Food, as energy, is important to prepare and restore the body for 70 to 95 shots around a prodigious golf course.

Award-winning bistro

The Siena Bistro is an award-winning restaurant. With incredible views over Lake Siena, you can expect the food to match the views as well as the excellence of the golf course.

Some golfers prefer a light or a full breakfast before beginning the first round of the day, while others may prefer a light bite for lunch before heading out for a second 18 in the afternoon. A wonderful dinner may become a reward after completing 18 holes, whatever your score was or it may become part of your overall vacation at the Siena Golf Resort.

Dan Thompson, the executive chef for the Siena Bistro at Siena Golf Club, is vastly experienced, and has maintained his position for a number of years. Trained in classic French cuisine, he nurtured his passion for food by increasing his knowledge of cuisine from all over the world.

He has extended the restaurant’s long-standing reputation for excellence, matching a variety of options with dietary needs and ensuring all menu items are always within reasonable prices.

A vast repertoire

The Siena Bistro is an excellent venue coping with corporate seminars, golf events from the smallest to the largest, as well as incredible banquets, weddings and specially themed nights.

In particular, dinner at Siena golf can vary from live-action pasta to prime rib nights. Sometimes barbecues or Latin nights of fish fries become part of the varied themed events.

Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day and Easter can easily accommodate a wide variety of options for entire families.

With the lush green landscaping, including the wonderful golf course views with the Spring Mountains to the west, the Las Vegas strip to the east and Lake Siena alongside – the views are incredible. Lakeside and seasonal patio dining are matched within extremely friendly, yet professional service.

Many return to dine in great comfort with great food and service to watch the sunset over the mountains as the Las Vegas Strip comes to life.

For those looking for a deal, happy hours are available every day and the desert menu is to die for.

Booking is easy

You would always book your tee times for the course, and it makes sense to book breakfast, lunch or dinner to ensure your day run smoothly. With Las Vegas temperatures changing dramatically throughout different parts of the year, you should always check the hours that the bistro will be open to confirm it matches with your dining and perhaps, golfing, requirements.

Matching an incredible golf course with a delightful and enjoyable meal at the Siena Bistro is the extra special service that everyone deserves.