Las Vegas: Gambling & Golf

You are standing on the 18th fairway, preparing to hit your second shot on the challenging par 5 finishing hole. Your buddy dares you to go for the green. With 270 yards to the front edge, you turn to your buddy and make a friendly $10 bet that you will put your shot on the putting surface. Playing golf in Vegas, it is only natural to gamble on the course.

The 3 wood strikes the small ball at just the perfect angle and it jumps off the club, rising gracefully over the desert course. It lands on the green and sets up an Eagle putt from 30 feet away. After collecting your ten bucks, you go double or nothing and sink the long putt. Gambling can be fun!

Siena Golf Club in Las Vegas can provide a great diversion from the hectic pace inside a casino. We give you a chance to get out in the open air and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Siena is a great course within a short distance of the Strip and many hotels have special golf packages for you to enjoy. Las Vegas golf courses are as diverse as they come. There are links-styled courses, tree-lined courses, and courses that have fantastic views of the mountains. Playing 18 holes in the valley is a memorable experience that can be a highlight of any trip to Las Vegas.

Taking chances is what both great golfers and great gamblers do. In the casino, you may double down on an 8 or 9. On the course, you may gamble and attempt a tricky shot over a big lake. The greater the risk you take, the greater the potential for a big reward. Whether you are talking about doubling your money at black jack or making a birdie instead of a par, gambling and golfing are driven by the same motive – getting the best results while taking a measured risk.

Great weather, plenty of excellent courses and a tourist bureau that promotes the recreational opportunities in Las Vegas, all contribute to the popularity of the game. However, courses around the country have experienced difficulty attracting golfers in the last year or two because of the difficult economy. People just do not have as much disposable income as they had in year’s past. However, courses like Siena in Las Vegas are at an advantage as their climate allows for year round play. Vegas is and has always will be a destination for fun, gambling and of course, golf. So after you’re done pulling the slots lever or sliding those chips in, how about taking a gamble that actually pays off? Enjoy a round of two of golf anytime of the year at Siena Golf Club in sunny Las Vegas.