How to Start Golfing – When and Where?

What is the mystique of a sport that involves walking around outdoors in pursuit of a little white ball that you clout with long sticks? Here are some persuasive reasons why you should join in the fun!

  • In this high-tech generation, who couldn’t use a little fresh air to boost your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Golf’s a relationship game in which personal and business relationships are made. Informal networks are built on the golf course and then leveraged for career advancement.
  • Golf travel can take you to stunning outdoor locations all over the world.
  • You’ll have a feeling of pure exhilaration the first time you swing and connect that little white ball with your club.
  • Golf’s a special sport to be shared with a spouse or partner. You’ll play in a beautiful open setting where golf blocks out all external frazzles.
  • You’ll burn approximately 2,000 calories while you play an 18-hole round course if you walk and carry your clubs; you’ll burn 1,300 calories if you ride a golf car as you play!

Getting started!

golf-lessonsThe best way to start golfing and enjoy all the advantages of the sport is to take lessons from professionals. You might spend time investigating the sport before you take lessons. Golf Digest magazine has a Beginner guide “So You Want to Play Golf” that tells beginners absolutely everything they need to know about taking up golf, even some hard-to-find information.

PGA has a Get Golf Ready program, where “PGA and LPGA Professionals will show you that there are lots of ways to play by combining fun, friends, and fitness.” Lessons on actual golf courses will have you enjoying playing and learning the basics of golf — Rules, etiquette, fundamentals and navigating the course. Another program “It’s OK” gets you out onto the range, getting into the golfing scene without embarrassment over your novice status. Some golf courses then have introductory 9-hole leagues for players who want to advance their league play, but are not quite ready for 18-holes. You can learn more about Get Golf Ready programs here.

Where to learn golf

Siena Golf Academy, the Siena Golf Club’s excellent teaching facility offers PGA’s Get Golf Ready program on ranges specialized for teaching golf. They offer individualized or group lessons to teach general skills or focused instruction. There are special programs for women and for youth.

Siena Golf Club’s Player Improvement Program (PIP) is designed for players that desire more practice to improve their game. Players enrolled in PIP for at least a six-month term will be provided with:

  •    Unlimited practice on the range,
  •    Merchandise discount at the Club store,
  •    Discounted green fees starting three (3) hours before sunset,
  •    Complimentary Clinic with PGA golf professionals during scheduled times.

Especially For Soccer Players

Siena Golf Club is home also to FootGolf, part soccer, and part golf! This amazing new sport is played with soccer balls on a golf course with 21″ holes using rules based on Golf. Could this be an entry point into the world for golf for youthful and adult soccer players? The first FootGolf World Cup was held in 2012 in Hungary, and in the US, the official course for the American Foot Golf League is Siena Golf Club.