Group Golfing: Enjoy The Fun With Friends

groupgolfingWhen you are thrust into a competition to prove or update your current handicap, the pressure is on immediately as you may not know any of the other players in your golf grouping. That is the time to think ahead about arranging a Las Vegas golf tournament with a group of friends to remind you that golf is meant to be fun and totally enjoyable on the course, and also after the 18 holes have been completed as you discuss and challenge about the best strokes of the day.

Planning your golf tournament

Great planning ahead for your golf group outings is essential as you organize your own private golf tournament or become part of a fun filled experience. Your golf grouping can be from 2 or 4 players up to as many as the course can cope with.

Your first decision will be around the people that are going to be invited to your Las Vegas golf tournaments. Is this a group of regular golf partners, a school reunion or a group of sales people from a busy business?

The second part of your preparation is to cautiously discuss a budget that is suitable for everyone in your golf grouping. That will quickly extend or narrow down your choice of location, golf course and golf tournament.

Your budget planning may include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a visit to one or more of the famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip, to see if you can win funds for your next golf group outings.

Your non golfing partners may not be on the trip with you, but if they are to be included among your friends to this Las Vegas golf tournament, you will need to allocate plenty of time and activities for their enjoyment while you share your golf stories on the course.

Fly or stay?

Will you be flying in for the day for your golf tournament or will you choose to stay at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip or somewhere closer or within the course complex itself? Your home location may make this decision for you, but when you’re traveling with a group of friends for a golf grouping, to make the entire event fun, it is better to allow time to enjoy each other’s company before and after the 18 or 36 holes before you need to return home.

Arrange the coordination of the event

Choosing the best golf tournament will involve liaising with the coordinator at the Las Vegas golf course. You will need to organize tee times, the players, the prizes, the scoring systems to be used and how the results are to be constantly updated, so each player can see how they compare to their friends – with plenty of time allowed for full discussions about the day’s play either in the comfort of a wonderful dinner or a journey to share the winnings with the gambling tables.

A first class coordinator in your group and at the golf course will help ensure that your golf grouping is awesome for everyone involved and a complete success.

It is easy to forget that you organize your group golfing to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, and to have fun with your friends. Make the most of it when you can!