Golf Footwear 2014

What should you be wearing on the course this summer? According to, more players are opting for spikeless golf shoes because of the more versatile styles, greater comfort, lighter weight, better traction, more convenience and lower prices.

To help you decide between the many brands and styles, has created a list of Ten of the Best: Spikeless Golf Footwear 2014.’s list is dominated by Ecco, Footjoy and Puma, but perhaps it was published before Nike announced their newest additions to the Versatility footwear family: Lunar Waverly and Lunar Mont royal. “The iconic Nike waffle sole…provides a more aggressive tread for superior grip and control on course” (You can read more from Nike’s press release here:

With so many viable choices, how are you to decide which brand and line of shoes is right for you? According to Body with Soul, comfort, shape and grip are the top three factors to look for but stability is also an important factor for preventing injury and improving performance:

  1. “A firm heel counter. Too often golfers ram their foot into the shoe, crushing the heel counter, and then sliding the heel into the shoe. While this saves all of 10 seconds in tying the laces, it also destroys one of the main contributors to stability of the shoe, the heel counter. The stiff material is designed to contour/cup the heel to prevent excessive side-to-side motion, keeping the foot well in contact with the sole.”
  2. “A good stable shank within the midsole of the shoe. A simple test would be to hold either end of the shoe and try to twist it. The shoe should not twist more than 10-20 degrees in either direction. Good shoes should have good longitudinal stability. This helps prevent excessive rolling and twisting of the foot.”

Lastly Body with Soul provided two important insider tips to picking the right sized shoe: “Try on shoes later in the day as this is when the feet are at their largest. Wear the socks that you play golf in as they can differ greatly from your business socks.”

Everyone knows that quality clubs are essential to playing your best but take the time to find the right shoes as well so that you can maneuver safely in ultimate comfort and, of course, style.