Family Golfing in Las Vegas


Where everyone in your family looks forward to a golfing challenge, group golfing in Las Vegas may be a great choice for your next vacation. Fortunately, family golfing that is also family friendly ensures that the location is also perfect for any non-golfers travelling with you.

Golf resorts that welcome children

The brochures may suggest that children are always welcome at your favorite golf resorts, but are they really kid friendly? You have to go beyond the basic brochure to find out how a resort ensures that a family golfing program is perfect for everyone involved.

By checking the personal and previous reviews for the resort, you can quickly ascertain how kid friendly the course environment and accommodation really is.

Where golfing in Las Vegas is really family friendly, the instruction programs and facilities will be designed especially for children of certain ages or all ages. They will mention a number of classes and differences that are tailored exactly for children and you will be able to tell where the resort has really done all that they can to present junior golfers with a high quality experience.

Any for family golfing must include real time out on the course and not just conference room lectures explaining how to play the game with all of the etiquette involved. These important issues will be best learnt during real-time training sessions and out on the course.

Where children are younger, the class sizes must be smaller so that the instructors can more easily manage the training. The instructors must be able to explain simple matters like where to stand as someone is teeing off or how to choose the next person to putt – and make this fun and entertaining for everyone involved.

In reality, you will wish that your instructors are training junior golfers regularly so they are not just rearranging standard training to accommodate younger people for a one-off occasion.

Reduce those fees

For family golfing, you will expect to see a range of reduced green fees and perhaps even kids playing for free options. This will demonstrate that the resort and golf course is encouraging people of all ages to play.

Some younger children begin to learn their golfing skills by hitting rubber balls, tennis balls before they turn to smaller (golf) balls.

Likewise, children must have access to golf clubs where the shaft and head sizes and weights are appropriate for the person using the club.

Golf courses that are extremely family friendly may offer designated family time across the 18 holes so that all members of the family can learn and play at the same time. This may reduce elements of fear and intimidation for new and kid golfers because everyone on the course will expect the outcome from new family golfers as they spend longer on or off the fairways and completing 18 or fewer holes.