Christmas & New Year Parties at Siena Golf Club

siena-newyear-eventWhen you are chosen to arrange your Christmas or New Year party for your organization, you will want to impress everyone with your choice of venue and menu as well as working to a prearranged budget. How do you achieve five-star quality when your finance department is aiming at a lower spend per person? The answer is to get in contact with the event organizer for corporate parties at your favorite golf club.

Golf clubs will welcome you to their prearranged Christmas season parties and can accommodate from an intimate table for two where you will mix with other people celebrating the Christmas season, to having your business, non-profit organization or group of friends take over an entire restaurant for 100 or more guests.

One of the great advantages of choosing events at golf clubs is the natural and beautiful surroundings from the clubhouse where you will often be treated to the most incredible panoramic view, sometimes including lakes, mountains and famous cities in the distance, not forgetting the 18th green.

Good for your business

Corporate parties, whether at Christmas or for a New Year party at a golf resort, are perfect opportunities to thank and reward employees and customers, especially after the tough economic periods during recent years. While some businesses and non-profit organizations have cut back on the cost of entertaining, this is often a shortsighted choice as many people look forward to corporate events which can lay the foundation to a great year ahead, for the people involved, who believe that their organization looks after them.

The luxurious location of a golf club or resort provides an upscale opportunity to reassure your employees and customers that you are concerned about them and wish to treat them well. These events can promote a wonderful sense of pride and ownership of each individual’s role in connection with the company.

Although some CEOs and managers will wish to provide the corporate brand speech at these events, they can also merge into the background and just let the occasion take over.

The opportunity for customers to see how other business people relax, is one not to be missed, provided the embarrassment on the dance floor remains a topic of conversation for years to follow.

The main ingredient

A New Year party at a golf resort or a Christmas event allows the attendees to go away feeling that all of their hard work and commitment has been thoroughly appreciated. By having professionals and experts provide you with a New Year or Christmas party, you will not have to worry that choosing the right food, drinks and entertainment is difficult.

As the coordinator of the event on behalf of your organization, you will have provided an excellent opportunity to enjoy the season’s greetings, while bringing together people that count, and for just a few hours, they can forget the problems at work and at home as you try to steer the conversations away from new products or services, unless you use this chance to showcase something new for your best customers, without having to invest in 18 holes of golf to convince them!