7 Tips for a Perfect Wedding ceremony at a Golf Club

cta-arroyo-weddingThe perfect day will be incredible for the bride, groom and guests, when you have planned for your day in advance. With so much to think about, here are the key tips for you to consider, ensuring your Las Vegas wedding is awesome and never forgotten – for all the right reasons.

Deal direct with the organizer

By dealing direct with your golf resort wedding organizer, there will be no allowance for miscommunication. Put everything in writing and be understood with all of your requests. If you are at all vague with anything being offered to you, ask questions until you are 100% sure.

Budget carefully

With all you wish for the most luxurious golf resort wedding, you do not want to be paying for your choice of wedding events for the next ten years. Plan to spend what you can afford and keep some funds available for any overspends or last minute ideas so that you stay within your savings or debt planning. Once you combine Las Vegas and a golf resort wedding, your planning has begun.

Make your day great for your guests

By keeping your guests informed of events and their specific timings, you will make it easy for your guests to enjoy your wedding in Las Vegas without wandering aimlessly, wondering where they should show up next. Do not let them get restless on your perfect day.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

You are going to be purchasing or hiring clothes and shoes that you will probably only wear for that one day of your life. Choose something comfortable as well as applicable to your style choices, because you’re going to be wearing them for a long time and you will want to smile (and not look in pain) in all of your photographs.

Organize your entertainment

It is better to organize enough entertainment to keep your guests busy, while relaxed, during your golf resort wedding – but not too many. Once you have considered the traditional events that will take place, such as your grand entrance, the first dance, the parents’ dance, the cutting of the cake and tossing the bouquet, you may wish to add a few select ideas for the entertainment section of the reception.

Your golf club experts for a wedding in Las Vegas will have a long list of ideas that are popular with new brides and grooms and some select ideas that are only taken up by the few.

Do what YOU want

You do not have to agree to the wedding your mother or mother-in-law requires for you, but it makes sense to listen to their requests so that you can blend your thoughts and ideas and ensure you do not begin your wedding by upsetting your new close family from day one.

Nevertheless, while your elders will bring their experience to the occasion, you should not easily go against your own personal wishes for your day as it IS your day and even where you are not paying for the wedding event, it is your golf resort wedding, so the final say should belong to the happy couple.

Religious or Secular officiant?

Whether you are choosing a religious wedding ceremony or a secular option, you can take the opportunity to meet with the officiant long before the ceremony date so that you can discuss your particular thoughts and wishes.

All golf clubs that offer full ceremony and reception wedding events will hold a special list of most religious denomination officiants and ordained non-denominational wedding officiants, if you are unable to name and bring your own with you.

8. Don’t forget your golf clubs, but this last tip only applies if your partner is good with you completing 18 holes the day after your wedding. It may be best to avoid 18 holes on your wedding day if you already boast a potential golf widow.

Planning is the key to a successful wedding ceremony. Whether you tie in a golf resort wedding with a wedding in Las Vegas is all part of your personal wishes and choices. Stay in control as much as you can and your day will be one you will always remember; except your best man will probably have a few golf jokes they are prepared to share during the reception speeches.