7 Things You can Do in Vegas Besides Golfing

Golf in Las Vegas is wonderful. The weather is lovely, the winds are challenging, and the views are clear. But it can also get really hot in the summer. When the weather is too warm for a proper round of golf, what else can you do in Las Vegas? Is it just gambling, or are there other hidden treasures (like the golfing!) that you can do? Let’s find out.


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Las Vegas is the premier gambling destination in America.  When you make the jump from online gambling and online bingo to the glitz and glamor of Vegas, there’s a huge difference.  You might think about the Strip casinos, but Las Vegas has more than the ultra-crowded strip.  You can head down to the Downtown gambling district if you really want to focus on gambling rather than attractions and shows.


Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains and canyons that offer wonderful hiking opportunities. If you want some trees, try Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, a 520-acre park that’s still a working ranch and a lovely place to retreat. If you like the heat, and have suitable gear, go to Valley of Fire State Park about an hour away to see fantastic sandstone formations.


Las Vegas is also a well-known location for skydiving, both indoor and outdoor. If you’re going solo, take a chance and go up on a plane to get one of the best views of Vegas you can get. If you’re in a group, try one of the many indoor skydiving simulators. There are often group discounts and you get to watch your friends make silly faces from 120 MPH winds.

Extreme Machines

Drive bulldozers and excavators. You and your group will be taught how to use these machines and participate in exercises to show off the power of these devices. They even have models that can be operated by young children. Best of all, the interiors are all climate controlled.


Golfers of a certain age may remember the days of pinball arcades. Relive those times by going to the Pinball Hall of Fame just off the strip on Tropicana. It’s a 10,000 square foot warehouse crammed full of pinball machines. The room is dark, the games are cheap, and you can relive childhood memories and pinball history. Many are still just a quarter!

Fly a Fighter Jet

Las Vegas has 330 clear days a year. Why not enjoy them by flying a fighter jet? No license required! With offer packages that let you control your own jet so you can simulate dogfights, do aerobatics, or go on extreme sightseeing tours. It may be a bit pricey (packages start at $299), but it’ll be an incredible memory!

Theater on the Strip

If you can resist the temptations of gambling or spending money on attractions, you can get quite a lot of entertainment just walking up and down the strip. Street performers are common, and often quite good. Some casinos also offer free shows at regular times for passersby. And if it gets too hot, it’s easy to duck into one to cool off.

Explore free attractions in the hotels

Speaking of casinos, many of the strip casinos have free attractions inside to draw in people that don’t cost a dime. The Flamingo has a wildlife habitat. The Bellagio has a botanical garden and fountains. The Venetian has a recreation of a square in Venice. Just about every strip hotel has some sort of amazing architecture or attraction that shows off the grandeur and decadence of Las Vegas.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of things to do in Las Vegas. It’s not the most popular vacation destination in America for nothing. There is plenty to do there besides gambling and golf. Let your sense of exploration take you around to try something new.