5 Advantages Of A Las Vegas Golf Club Membership

golfclubmembership1You may believe that the main advantage of golf club membership is to enjoy unlimited golf around your favorite course, but there is a lot more to your decision about which course and club to join. Here are some of the main advantages of membership of a Las Vegas golf club before you decide which is right for you.

1.Establish and improve your handicap

There are many golf clubs that will refuse your application to play 18 holes, if you do not have a handicap certificate from your home course. This helps them keep their course relatively private and ensure a certain level of standard for the players on the course.

By securing a golf club membership, you are entitled to enter club competitions, which will provide a handicap for your game. This is also an advantage when you seek to choose to play a round with similar standard golfers, who will either be similar to your skill level or challenge you to rise to the occasion to better your handicap even further.

  1. Save dollars

The thought of unlimited play around your favorite course will quickly make sense to you, especially when you compare the cost of paying the full fee every time you choose to complete 18 holes. Where you play a lot of golf you will save considerable green fees and learn your course management for an even better score.

Your club may run an exchange scheme, where you can travel and play 18 holes at another club in return for their members playing your course. This may help you play 18 holes on courses you could not previously gain access to, under any circumstances.

  1. Play in tournaments

Your Las Vegas golf club membership will entitle you to play in the club’s local tournaments, especially those that are not open to non-members. Whether you choose to play as a golf group or as an individual, the tournaments are only open to golf club members will see you compete with the best at your new club.

  1. Tee priorities

Where your club lists specific rules for the public to play on your club course, there will be strict priorities for you to be able to book your tee times and at the most favorite parts of the day – and especially during busy periods like weekends. This will certainly become one of the main advantages of membership at your chosen club.

  1. Member activities

You will be among the first to hear and be able to participate in other activities arranged by your golf club. While not all of these activated will be gold related, they will help to encourage you to meet with other members of the golf club, perhaps allowing you to meet certain business people that you would not have been able to encounter, during normal business hours.

You can quickly see that the advantages of membership of your Las Vegas golf club are not just in the ability to play unlimited golf to save you money over the course of a year, but to establish and better your golf handicap as you manage your golf around the course, while meeting new people who have similar interests.