7 Things You can Do in Vegas Besides Golfing

Golf in Las Vegas is wonderful. The weather is lovely, the winds are challenging, and the views are clear. But it can also get really hot in the summer. When the weather is too warm for a proper round of golf, what else can you do in Las Vegas? Is it just gambling, or are there other hidden treasures (like the golfing!) that you can do? Let’s find out. Gambling Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Las Vegas is the premier gambling destination in America.  When you make the jump from online gambling and online bingo to the glitz and glamor of Vegas, there’s a huge difference.  You might think about the Strip casinos, but Las Vegas has more than the ultra-crowded strip.  You can head down to the Downtown gambling district if you really want to focus on gambling rather than attractions and shows. Hiking

Best Gifts for Golfers

The holiday shopping season for the year has already started, and I’m sure all of you are busy purchasing gifts for your near and dear ones. However, those looking for a gift for their golfer friend or family member may need a lot of gift ideas. It is no secret that most of the golfers tend to be extremely particular about their golfing gear, clubs, shoes, etc. Based on our experience, we have come up with a list that may help you opt for the best gift for a golfer. Instead of purchasing generic golf balls, try out personalized golf balls to impress your golfer friend. These custom made golf balls are easier to recognize, and relieve the golfers from marking the balls or worrying about using the wrong ball. While purchasing personalized balls, order the recipient’s favorite type and have his/her name or the initials printed. Golf enthusiasts prefer

Let’s talk about the Siena Bistro and why everybody loves it

Going under par is every golfer’s dream, and to follow a great 18 holes with a superb lunch or dinner at Siena Golf Club adds so much to the occasion. Fortunately, everyone provides great reviews about the Siena Bistro at the Siena Golf club, in Las Vegas. Golf is not just about playing the 18 holes on the course. Food, as energy, is important to prepare and restore the body for 70 to 95 shots around a prodigious golf course. Award-winning bistro The Siena Bistro is an award-winning restaurant. With incredible views over Lake Siena, you can expect the food to match the views as well as the excellence of the golf course. Some golfers prefer a light or a full breakfast before beginning the first round of the day, while others may prefer a light bite for lunch before heading out for a second 18 in the afternoon. A

Top 12 Golf Blogs We Read and Recommend

Individuals read blogs at work, at home and everywhere they can find a Wi-Fi connection because people want to bond. Often this connection involves a large element of interaction – by leaving comments and following the conversation. There are over 160 million blogs on the Internet. For golfers, you have over 25,000 blogs related to golf – playing, equipment, advice and course recommendations. As a regular golfer, you will want to read the best golf blogs, but how do you decide which to read regularly and those to ignore? Blogs are attractive for golfers because they provide a personal touch, which is missing while reading from an article in a magazine or a newspaper or watching television or YouTube. The human being behind a blog is showing you their own personal character and opinion while offering tips or tricks, to help you improve your golfing. Once you begin to follow

Family Golfing in Las Vegas

Where everyone in your family looks forward to a golfing challenge, group golfing in Las Vegas may be a great choice for your next vacation. Fortunately, family golfing that is also family friendly ensures that the location is also perfect for any non-golfers travelling with you. Golf resorts that welcome children The brochures may suggest that children are always welcome at your favorite golf resorts, but are they really kid friendly? You have to go beyond the basic brochure to find out how a resort ensures that a family golfing program is perfect for everyone involved. By checking the personal and previous reviews for the resort, you can quickly ascertain how kid friendly the course environment and accommodation really is. Where golfing in Las Vegas is really family friendly, the instruction programs and facilities will be designed especially for children of certain ages or all ages. They will mention a

Wedding Wishes Come True

Everyone loves a great story, and when it includes military veterans being gifted with a complimentary wedding, it is certainly a story that requires further investigation. To begin with, we must go back in time as Christopher Aguilara and Jennifer Flanagan had left the military after exemplary service. Like many veterans before them, they had to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other challenges unique to our military veterans. They met on match.com and found a great connection because of their recent past and current challenges. During the past year they have helped each other to cope with the difficulties involved with military work and then dealing with their experiences after leaving the military. The non-profit organization, Wish Upon a Wedding, Las Vegas, has helped make their dreams of a fantastic wedding, become a reality. The Las Vegas chapter president, Adam Frazier, explained how the survivors of a

Golfing in Las Vegas: The Best Way to Relax

Life is full of so many stresses and pressures that a vacation in Las Vegas looks like a great way to relax and rest – but by trying to keep up with the fast life in the strip and its countless casinos, you could be forgiven for thinking that your escape is just as busy. Sometimes we all need to be reminded how to relax; so here goes while you take time to unwind with a quiet 18 holes at your new favorite golf club. The Best Way to Relax from City Action From the moment that you arrive in the stress free environment of the golf club parking lot, it is as though you have walked into another time zone where you can forget your home, the office, your children and all the other stresses that burden your life. The relaxation that you feel as you stand on the

Golf is an Olympic Sport

Yet Another Reason for Immediate Golfing Action Is your golfing good enough to help you qualify for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016? You have until July 11, 2016 to reach the top 15 of the Olympic golf ranking list to perhaps join Bubba Watson, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, so an upgrade to full golf club membership is a privilege you may wish to choose now. The summer Olympics is the premium sporting event held every four years and includes athletes from all over the entire world. Everyone, in every sport, wants to perform at the Olympics, even though it is an amateur event without dollar prizes. Who can forget Andy Murray (UK) and Serena Williams (USA) winning the singles in London, 2012. Venus joined her sister to win the women’s doubles, taking home gold medals to treasure forever, and to provide the watching audience with sport

Play A Ton More Golf for a Lot Less Money

The dream for the majority of golfing players is to be able to create more time to play more golf, but the cost of playing more rounds is always an issue. The answer is to find ways to play golf at a reduced price and a golf club membership is probably the best way to achieve this masterstroke. Is golf club membership worth the price?     You are going to compare the cost of golf club membership against how many rounds you would expect to play during the year and the golfing price of paying for each 18 holes when you play. In reality, there is no comparison. The Masters Club card is probably the most affordable membership you are ever likely to see. With a guarantee that it will pay for itself within 90 days or your money back, what do you have to lose? Every golfer wants to play

Group Golfing: Enjoy The Fun With Friends

When you are thrust into a competition to prove or update your current handicap, the pressure is on immediately as you may not know any of the other players in your golf grouping. That is the time to think ahead about arranging a Las Vegas golf tournament with a group of friends to remind you that golf is meant to be fun and totally enjoyable on the course, and also after the 18 holes have been completed as you discuss and challenge about the best strokes of the day. Planning your golf tournament Great planning ahead for your golf group outings is essential as you organize your own private golf tournament or become part of a fun filled experience. Your golf grouping can be from 2 or 4 players up to as many as the course can cope with. Your first decision will be around the people that are going